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adidas 'No Dye' Pack

adidas keep the eccentric paint pots locked away for their latest boot collection. The pristine 'No Dye' Pack features complete whiteout versions of the F50 adizero and 11Pro, both crafted from a special material to highlight sustainability.

Landing as the latest release in the Limited Collection, the No Dye Pack is made up of two editions of the 11pro & F50 as adidas push the bar forward for ‘green tech’ by making boots which have zero chemical and pigment substance. Excluding colour substrates underlines an environmentally friendly concept that looks ultra-clean. They may well be saving the environment but with a duo this irresistible adidas are doing no favours to your bank balance.

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Overall they'll be 3,000 pairs of the No Dye Pack made available globally, 210 pairs of which will arrive in the UK at selected retailers. From the tip of the studs, to the very tip of the laces, every last drop of the 11Pro and F50 adizero is colourless, that is until you take one step over that white line, then it's a different story entirely.

The adidas 'No Dye' Pack is available at Pro-Direct Soccer, Harrods and Greaves. Thoughts?


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