Using a major footballing event to launch a boot or boot collection is nothing new, long before the 2014 Battle Pack adidas used the 1990 World Cup in Italy to launch the beautifully retro Etrusco Libero.

Adorned with some majestic graphics to honor the country that hosted the tournament, the Etrusco Libero is a gorgeous boot. With green and red triangles added to the three stripes to honor Italy’s colours, a three headed lion head on the tongue, and the script used for “Etrusco” definitely drawing heavily from Italian history, this boot matched up with the match-ball that adidas used for the tournament and was a perfect nod to the ‘90 World Cup.

Some description

A smooth leather upper took centre stage with a design in stark contrast with thick lines of leather working its way up the over-sized tongue. A classic adidas trefoil logo, six studs and an equally beautiful box, that trefoil logo is the absolute business. Twenty-five years old and a pioneer for tournament boot design, a Russian or Qatar inspired boot pack would be interesting for 2018 or 2022...

Who had a pair of these then? Shoutout to for the hook-up.