Another iteration of the throwback series where we examine boots from our past has us diving into the Kelme King Cup. From a company formed in 1977 and a boot released in 1994, the King Cup is a rare find for such a classically styled boot.

Crafted with Kangaroo leather and looking almost as if the leather is soft enough to melt in your hands, the Kelme King Cup is the epitome of a classic boot design. With the massive tongue emblazoned with the company brand and a large “K” stitched on each side of the boot, even new boot fans could accurately label this creation as a 90’s boot. For us, we definitely see some adidas World Cup leanings on the soleplate with the colors used and the styling. To be fair, it would certainly be tough to differentiate those old-school looking soleplates though.

Some description

Despite not having the longest history for a brand within the football world, Kelme has quite a few impressive items on their resume. One of the biggest cult followings when it comes to smaller boot brands, Kelme was once the sponsor for Real Madrid and a host of other clubs. Kelme also had a fairly decent stable of player sponsorships at one point, but the brand’s scope and popularity has certainly waned as time presses on.

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