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Closer Look | adidas adizero 99g

Taking a monumental lead in the speed boot race adidas sprint onto the home straight wearing the first ever sub-100g football boot to hit the market. Pushing lightweight innovation to the very limits of design, adidas land the adizero 99g, stripped back to deliver new records and new grounds of football footwear performance.

The 'speed' market has long been the most competitive area of football boot design, brands are continuously looking at new ways of providing maximum performance with minimal weight and now adidas proudly announce themselves as the first brand to ever produce a match-legal boot that tips the scales under the 100g mark.

Dropping with a shell-like, skeleton design, the adizero 99g is like nothing before in terms of feel, it's ridiculously light, incredible. In comparison, if you're reading this on the iPhone 6, that weighs 129g. So how have they achieved this? Good question. The  polyamide outsole is just 1mm thick and sits with an extremely lightweight upper layer made from a single layer of woven polyester mesh. Everything that could be stripped off to achieve the 99g weight has been, from a new stud-configuration to the removal of part of the heel.

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It's unusual to touch, it's hard to compare it to any other football boot on the market. An incredible amount of time has gone into the production of the adizero 99g and adidas have opened a whole new world of design possibilities in terms of materials. A landmark release for adidas that triggers a new chapters of super-limited drops titled the "Limited Collection" series starting with a drop of 299 pairs of adizero 99g boots globally.

The adidas adizero 99g will be available from select online stockists including Pro-Direct Soccer. Thoughts? Drop us a line below.


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