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Podolski Creates Inter-esting F50

Lukas Podolski is going to need a bigger boot room soon. The largest adidas F50 collection in the game has a new member of the family this week as the Inter Milan striker sported another custom adizero.

The life of Lukas Podolski has been a bit of a roller-coaster over the last few years. Clubs have changed and leagues have come and gone, but the World Cup winner has made sure that, despite the constant kit changing and country-hopping, his footwear does not follow the same trend. The SoccerBible Magazine Issue No.2 cover star admits that the F50 silo has played a huge part in his career having worn the boot since 2004 and it hasn't taken him long to leave his mark on the newest incarnation of adidas' prized speed asset.

Some description

Podolski has headed over to miadidas and given his F50s a bit of a “club-specific” treatment. A paint job that will create a smart matchday look paired up with his Inter kit, the boot sports a predominantly blue and black upper that leaves you guessing which is the base color and which color is supposed to perform as the accent. Some messing around on miadidas shows that the base is definitely the blue, but the set-up and view of them actually on feet makes it hard to discern base from accent. For us, we definitely see a bit of a resemblance to a certain CR7 model that was a bit “out of this world.”

The color combo looks a treat, and the three stripes in gold set off a colorway that we wouldn't mind seeing as a general release.The only oddity about the boot for Podolski is that he typically prefers leather releases (even opting for the K-pack F50 a few weeks ago), but the miadidas creations are only available on synthetic boots.

Some description

Perhaps it's the similarity to the CR7 Galaxy or the fact that it would be difficult to really find haters of this colorway for the needs of the adidas ad campaign, but either way we'd have no objection to the German taking on a design role at adidas HQ after his playing days! One major benefit about this newest F50 is that the design would lend itself well to a host of club-specific colorways. Change the black on Podolski’s boots to a deep burgundy and you would have a Barcelona style boot... change the black to a white and you would have a Chelsea style boot. 

We can see an MLS styled miadidas campaign here, each team having boots available to match up with their kits. Get on it adidas.


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