Last week we were invited to a boot launch event with a major twist. After receiving an anonymous invitation we were told to meet at a secret location in London and await further instructions.

As we arrived at the meeting point we met a few guys from Pro-Direct LDN19 and other select media partners, equally as clueless as to what was to expect. When a blacked out coach pulled up we were told to jump on, nothing else, no destination, no clues. After a short trip across the capital we arrived at Hackney Marshes Centre where we were told by the mystery brand representatives that we'd be testing a completely all-new football boot. 

After changing into an all black kit, we were then blind-folded and passed a pair of boots to get a feel for, not influenced by brand perception, or even looks at this stage. Eliminating any heavy marketing or familar logos was an intriguing concept and the boots felt sleek, soft and lightweight. Obviously a speed boot, but which brand? The majority of guesses were adidas but we were still unsure.

Some description

The blindfolds came off and we got a few minutes to take a close up look at the blacked out boots before lacing up to put them through their paces in a series of drills set up by the disguised brand in question. If you'd seen some of our shooting you'd have been forgiven in thinking our blind fold was still on, but in all seriousness the boots felt really soft, lightweight but comfortable enough in striking the ball and the texture of the upper dealt well with the wet conditions. The general consensus of the group was that we were wearing an early prototype adidas F50 or a boot from the Nike Mercurial Vapor series.

Some description

Session over and we were lead up to an event space to discover the brand behind this new boot. Step forward Umbro and the Velocita. The Double Diamond had well and truly done us, usually considered to be the masters of luxury leather football boots we were naturally surprised that Umbro were behind such a boot that stepped away from their typical roots and offered a top class speed silo. Umbro are mixing it up in a new era for the brand and their first chapter of 2015 has landed with an impressively loud bang.

Stay tuned for the full Umbro Velocita reveal but for now let us know what you think.