Nike dissect the Magista to reveal the ingredients of innovation.

Nike have taken us behind the scenes to see how the ingredients of their ground breaking Magista innovation is constructed. Before the Magista hit the pitches each material needed to create a footballing revolution was individually tested and fused together.

The Magista is the result of four years of research and development in the Nike Sport Research Lab and that includes feedback from some of the world’s best attacking playmakers, including Barcelona’s Andrés Iniesta and Bayern Munich's Mario Gotze. Flyknit technology is introduced for a radical change of direction both visually and performance wise.

Nike set a series of high level tests for the boot to pass. The Magista passed a durability puncture test where Nike’s design team developed a special application of NIKESKIN for added protection. Another aspect of the Magista is that it offers flexibility for the player. The soleplate is put through a series of tests, which the compressed nylon offered a highly responsive plate that delivers strength while remaining incredibly light.

To achieve an unprecedented feel in all conditions Nike conducted a Swamp-Walk test on the Magista, which consisted of drenching the boot and measuring water retention. With each material deemed fit for purpose Nike then fuse the components together, and the result? One of the most innovative footballing products ever made.

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