Pushing the aesthetic boundaries, creative agency FutureDeluxe have up with Nike for the launch of the Magista 2, producing a video with the dynamic new boots front and centre.

Shaping imagery for a wealth of esteemed clients, we caught up with director of the Magista 2 film, Andrew Jones, to find out a little more.

What stood out to you about this project when you saw the brief from Nike?

"The new Magista 2 is inspired by data research at Nike. Even down to the data inspired graphics on the shoes upper. This is an area we love at FutureDeluxe, marrying technology with creative production to find new aesthetics and design techniques. It seemed like a great project."

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It's vital to understand the ethos of this boot and indeed the player this focuses around, was that a challenge?

"Yes it was. The new Magista 2 is designed using scientific testing and research. The design itself is about evolution of both heightened sensory touch and traction."

What was the main objective you wanted to achieve artistically for you and your team when creating this film?

"To create something technical that was inspired by data and football science, but at the same time it shouldn’t feel cold, it should be stylised and dynamic like the shoe and the athlete."

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Was this a chance for you guys to express yourselves as much as it was to hit the brief for Nike?

"Definitely. Working with Nike is always a challenge because the work they produce has always been the best out there. So to compete and attempt to raise the bar each time can be tough!" 

How refreshing is it to see football turning to the support of creative industries in this way?

"I think its really refreshing. Football especially has never been so visual, and the that in turn is being pushed by technology across all areas. You only have to look at some of the boots released over the last 12 months and the campaigns around them. Its exciting and its moving fast.

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As an agency, are you football fans?

"I am a big football fan and the whole studio are big sneaker fans. So these jobs are always a labour of love. The time we put in always exceeds what we should. But as I said the bar is high on these releases now, so we know we have to work hard to get near the standard we and Nike demand."

You can see more about FutureDeluxe and the Magista 2 project here.

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