After 4 years and 180 prototypes, Nike used Flyknit technology to create the perfect boot for playmakers everywhere. But why Flyknit? Here they explain.

Nike have released another Magista video that this time explains why they opted to use Flyknit to create the revolutionary new boot. Nike set out on the Magista path by asking their greatest playmakers what they needed, the players asked for a boot that delivered ultimate touch and feel and that's when Nike turned to Flyknit. The players request what they desire and then Nike set about delivering a solution.


The road to the finished Magista was a long one for Nike with no corners cut. The project took 4 years and in that time 180 prototypes were used to finally accomplish the Magista mission. So why Flyknit? Nike claim that only Flyknit is light enough and strong enough to pull off a one piece upper for improved fit.

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