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adidas strip back their new generation f50 with crisp whiteout look.

adidas adizero F50 Football Boots - White/White/Slime

After launching the new generation adizero F50 in two typically bold speed boot colourways adidas have stripped things back to land a slick new white/slime leather F50. The fifth generation F50 is rammed with new technology, a fresh design and this leather version is wrapped up in a crisp and simplistic paint job and weighs in at just 185g.

Whiteout and blackout versions of the F50 series always receive a lot of love, the simplicity in the design lets the technology thrive and offers the perfect alternative for players who want a light boot but don't necessarily want to wear a boot that's outrageously vibrant. The leather upper is almost entirely white with finishing touches of slime running along the tongue and stripes.

Rather than using the Goleo-leather, found on the previous generation of adizero, adidas have opted for a slightly lighter and softer Taurus leather found on the 11Pro. This features at the front of the boot to increase ball feel and overall durability of the boot.

We'll be surprised if any of adidas' contracted players make the switch into the white/white/slime F50 with the brand most probably preferring to keep their players in the bolder designs but for non-contracted players who are fans of the new F50 it gives them the ideal opportunity to slip into something less extravagant.

Tech-wise the F50 adizero leather has undergone a series of transformations from the standard versions. Most noticeably there is no SPEEDFOIL, this has been replaced by a lightweight, perforated engineered synthetic leather to match with the valuable leather vamp.

The new white/white/slime adidas adizero F50 football boots are available from selected stockists including Pro-Direct Soccer. What do you think of the new colourway? Let us know. Join the conversation online, on Twitter and on Facebook.


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