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adidas f50 adizero "Solar Green"

Taking its place at the front of the f50 line, the adidas "Haters" theme sparks another divisive colourway as the latest adizero arrives in a "Solar Green" make-up.

With the true “carte blanche” that adidas has given themselves with the #therewillbehaters campaign, it should come as little surprise that the newest f50 colorway will split opinions. Looking like a boot ripped straight from the skin of a green ratsnake (google it), the “Solar Green/White/Core Black” design utlises the boots scale-like pattern to devastating effect. Will this be a crowd-pleasing f50 or one that will shed this skin as quickly as possible?

Some description

For those living under a rock for the last few months in the boot world, the newest f50 sports DribbeTex across the entirety of the upper, hybridtouch build from the toe to the heel, and a totally changed set-up under the foot that crescendos into a new three-stud look in the back of the boot. On the newest f50, adidas stepped away from the shaving of the ounces at all costs and instead chose to create a speed boot with substance and quality (that’s still shockingly lightweight). For our money, they’ve certainly succeeded.

The new "Solar Green" adidas f50 adizero is available from select adidas stockists including Pro-Direct Soccer. Thoughts on the new colourway? Drop us a line below.


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