Lotto Zhero Gravity II 100 Football Boots - Black/Metal Neon

Advancing its innovation series, Lotto present a colour update for the Zhero Gravity II. This lightweight slip-on football boot, is still cutting edge when it comes to design innovation, and this sleek new look is certainly befitting.

A smooth elegant design inspired by the sleek, refined profile of racing cars, has consistently marked the design of the Lotto Zhero Gravity, which uses the Lotto logo as the leading aesthetic feature. The lozenge logo takes up much of the upper and with its open form, it combines with other features that make up the boot's design, and is accentuated by the Metal Neon colour.

A lone pioneer in the boot world, the Lotto Zhero Gravity is the first and only laceless football boot in the world. A concept dreamed up and brought to reality in 2002/03, the thinking is to increase precision thanks to the absence of laces.

When it comes to innovation, Lotto score top marks by designing a lace-less soccer shoe. The concept is one that Lotto are continuing to single-handedly pioneer. It's an idea that began life in a laboratory in 2002, and was inspired by the desire to create a boot that gives "extraordinary contact with the ball". Since then, Lotto's Zhero Gravity range has gone on to establish itself as a top speed boot in the marketplace.

The microfibre upper of the Lotto Zhero Gravity II 100 football boots is made from a thin material which moulds to the foot, offering an exceptional feel for the ball. By removing the laces, Lotto have created the cleanest contact and striking surface between the foot and ball, designed to almost be like a second pair of socks.

The flush fit of the Zhero Gravity II 100 is achieved by two rubberised panels stitched into the fore and heel of the boot upper. These stretch out allowing your feet into the boot, before retracting back to provide a sock-like fit.

The Key here is finding the right size and fit, because unlike a leather upper the boot won't expand over time or retract if you initially wear them in the bath, however, the Lotto Zhero Gravity does offer one of the most unique fits in the boot industry.

Lotto's ReactiveArch outsole is one of the first concave shaped outsoles to feature on a boot, and is a Lotto innovation engineered to deliver cushioning, stability and reactivity. This dynamic sole is designed to flex, move in unison and provide an elastic (energy) return to the natural deformation movement of the transverse arch in the forefoot.

Love them or hate them, the Lotto Zhero Gravity II 100 football boots are one of the most unique and innovative boots on the market. This Black/Metal Neon colourway for the Gravity II is available to order now from selected online stockists for around £160.00 GBP / $200.00 USD / €190.00 EURO.