PUMA Special Edition 'Razzle Dazzle' Camo Test Football Boots

At SoccerBible, we've managed to get hold of a pair of the stunning prototype football boots Sergio Aguero has been sporting recently. The cause of some of the most sensational pictures to circulate around the boot world, what's more incredible is we've learned these test football boots are available to buy!

When our pictures arrived of Sergio Aguero training in a radical prototype boot, and then subsequently landed around the globe, our top SoccerBible boot investigators were put on the case. We not only managed to get hold of a pair to photograph and share, but amazingly we learned a limited number of the concept football boots are available to order from Pro-Direct Soccer!

Obviously with Aguero being a PUMA player, (and the giveaway Cat on the outsole heel of the test boots!) we first called on PUMA to get the story behind the mystery boot. Our contacts at Puma were able to confirm the boot was indeed one of their prototypes, and better still offered us a pair!

The PUMA test football boots, camouflaged with a 'Razzle Dazzle' design, have been confirmed by PUMA as a concept boot. But quite incredibly, they've taken the unprecedented step of making a limited number of pairs available. A move we've never seen before as brands are usually very protective of their concept boots in development.

These boots being available to buy becomes more amazing, when you consider PUMA have confirmed to us they will not be going into production, and are purely a test/concept boot. So thinking for boot collectors, these are going to be a highly sought after addition to a collection.

The PUMA Camo test football boots are clearly a forerunner to a speed boot, and on a technical note they're a lightweight boot with a single-piece upper and an engineered outsole. The upper material is synthetic, yet it's unclear from PUMA whether this is a finished material or if they're still working on adding texture.

What these PUMA prototype/concept football boots are, is one of the most unique looking football boots you're ever going to see. The inspiration for which stems from the 'Razzle Dazzle' camouflage pattern which distorts the lines and shapes of an object, something which is also utilised by car manufacturers when concealing a new model.

Obviously the PUMA camo testing boots are going to be in extremely high demand. At SoccerBible we are one of the lucky few to get hold of a pair, thanks to PUMA. But there are a few other pairs available as PUMA have created a limited number available exclusively to Pro-Direct Soccer for a price of £180 GBP.

Puma are literally taking boot design and development into another dimension, but what does the boot community think of these concept PUMA speed boots?