Nike Elite CTR360 Maestri - Metallic Mach Purple/Total Orange

The Nike Elite Series football boots are the most highly anticipated boot release of the summer. Nike designers have reduced the weight of each boot from their range enabling players to perform at their best, so let's take a look at the Nike Elite CTR360 Maestri football boots...



Lightweight construction, intricate engineering, carbon-enforced strength and high contrast colors distinguish these football boots, and there's no doubting the Nike Elite series is braced to take the 2010 World Cup by storm! Here at the SoccerBible we have full and exclusive images of the Nike Elite CTR360 Maestri football boots, along with the lowdown and tech info you need to know about this innovative new range.



The Nike CTR360 Maestri football boots are the pinnacle of control footwear on the field. A new release for the 09/10 season, the Nike CTR360's have been a popular uptake with the players. We can expect to see the likes of Cesc Fabregas, Ashley Cole, Javier Masherano, Andres Iniesta and James Milner gracing the South Africa pitches wearing the Nike Elite CTR360 Maestri football boots.

To create the Elite Series Nike have certainly done their research, dedicating themselves to improving player performance through lightweight footwear and enhanced on-field visibility. Research shows that the average energy expenditure of an elite player is over 1,000 Kilo Calories per game for a 75kg player. Reducing the weight carried by players helps reduce the energy needed over the course of 90 minutes. By delivering a super-strong and lightweight carbon fibre plate, the CTR360 Maestri Elites are 19% lighter, giving the players an edge in the final stages of a game.




The high contrast Metallic Mach Purple and Total Orange colors are engineered together for enhanced visibility. For a footballer this unique combination is designed to increase visual performance, enabling them to quickly spot their teammates and execute a game-changing pass.



An average person s vision is 99% peripheral. Under 1% is considered focused vision. To spark increased focus of peripheral vision Nike designers analyzed the color spectrum to identify two, high-contrast colors, so that when a player is running with these boots the colors trigger a stimulus to rapidly tune peripheral vision. Mach Purple and Total Orange provided the perfect blend to create this effect and performance advantage.



The Nike Elite Football Boots are set to deliver new levels of lightweight performance, for every style of player through the entire Nike range. We can expect the Nike Elite CTR360 Maestri football boots to be available for pre-order from 22nd May, and stay tuned to the SoccerBible for further exclusive details on the Nike Elite series.



The major downside we can see? Well, an Elite series is never going to be cheap. Infact, you might have to start saving now, as these Elite editions of the CTR360 Maestri football boots will retail for £225 GBP a pair when they hit selected retailers and Nike stores.