What better way for Nike to prepare its athletes for the FIFA 2019 Women’s World Cup than to arm them with their own pack, adorned with the wings of the Goddess of Victory, Nike, herself. This is the ‘Victory Pack’, and it they will be worn across the pitches of France this summer.

The ‘Victory Pack’ contains the complete new look Nike lineup, with the recently released Phantom VNM riding alongside its Phantom twin, the VSN, as well as the Mercurial Superfly and Vapor and, of course, the Tiempo. The standout feature of each boot is a hand-sketched wing pattern of sharp geometric angles, metaphorically intended for multi-faceted players.

Nike Victory 2-min.jpg

The ‘Armoury Blue’ hue of the boots is inspired by the prismatic light that passes through the glass and iron pyramid of the Louvre Museum in Paris (home of the iconic Nike sculpture – now you know). The ‘Hyper Crimson’ accents help to highlight the Swoosh, which creates a copper fleck that flashes when the boot moves through the light.

The boots are then finished with a small tab on the tongue of each, which features the classic Nike Futura logo and the words “THE GODDESS OF VICTORY.”

The Nike ‘Victory Pack’ will be available from 9 May at prodirectsoccer.com