Football Boots Vault - adidas F50 Football Boots

Ahead of the upcoming release of the next generation adidas F50 football boots, the SoccerBible is proud to present a unique series looking back at the different incarnations, starting with the original adidas F50 that started it all...

The adidas F50 football boots were introduced in 2004, and offered a revolutionary approach to footwear, allowing players to fine-tune their boots based on their needs and playing style. The name F50 (Football 50) was a reference to the year 1954 when the German Football team won the World Cup in revolutionary adidas boots with exchangeable studs. The launch of the adidas F50 marked the 50th anniversary of this event with another revolutionary boot.

The original adidas F50 football boots introduced the adidas FusionFrame system, featuring "1 skin with 3 chassis" allowing you to fine-tune your football boots for the exact feel and performance characteristics desired.

The three unique FusionFrame insole boards could be quickly and easily interchanged to adjust your boots weight, stability, flexibility and comfort:

1. Lightweight Chassis for maximum speed and quickness.
2. Professional Chassis for optimal performance.
3. Comfort Chassis for ultimate stability and cushioning.

The upper of the first generation adidas F50 football boots was designed to fit like a second skin, and was composed of a snug fitting K-leather and an engineered mesh. The engineered mesh incorporated thin support elements (pictured below) for fit and stability with absolutely minimal weight - which for some reason reminds us of Nike's current Flywire technology?!

The engineered mesh also provided lower water absorption, high abrasion resistance and maximum ventilation, combined with an innovative lacing system. The new lacing system enabled a single-pull speed lace cover, which enhanced the sock-like fit and provided a cleaner kicking area.

Another stand-out feature of the adidas F50 football boots was the external stabiliser, adorning the outside of the boot in yellow TPU material. The external stabilizer combined with a minimalistic heel counter to provide superior stability and fit.

The outsole of the adidas F50 football boots was split, to further reduce weight and provide additional stability, whilst utilising adidas' newly developed X-Traxion system. A quick-change stud system, that provided maximum ground penetration with minimal stud pressure.

The adidas F50 football boots range was initially designed for elite players, who wanted to adjust their boots to their own playing style or to the needs of the match. The speed lace cover and X-Traxion outsole of the original adidas F50, were the first signs that this boot range would be a major player in the SPEED boots market for years to come.

Stay tuned to the SoccerBible as we continue our countdown of the adidas F50 range, to see how the boots have progressed before our official and exclusive unveiling of the next generation of adidas F50 football boots!