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adidas Reveal Home & Away Kits For UEFA Euro 2024

With Euro 2024 not all that far off, adidas has revealed brand new home and away kits for Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Scotland, Spain, and Wales. Each jersey reimagines traditional elements from the respective nation, blending it with their modern cultural identities.

As any football shirt fan will tell you, adidas have been smashing it out of the park in recent years, and that outpouring of quality from the German brand’s design team continues with the new Euro 2024 kits for Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Scotland, Spain, and Wales, which arrives alongside the Copa America 2024 kits.

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Each of the jerseys are built to inspire a sense of pride and belonging, blending traditional elements with modern style. The designs are focused on delivering something that gives an unexpected, and fresh perspective from what has come before, while remaining respectful and true to their football heritage. This is seen through the elements such as the rarely seen ‘Tricolore’ for Italy's home and away shirts, and a vibrant never-before seen colour scheme for Germany’s away kit. There’s a fresh application of national colours across the board, with an exploration into bolder hues.

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Sam Handy, VP of Product and Design at adidas said: "The national shirt is the visual symbol that binds a nation together, as its team looks to deliver moments for fans that will last a lifetime. With this, the shirt represents so much more than sport – it represents unity, it represents a passion that connects us, and it represents an identity that is celebrated at its highest during an international tournament. We bind this emotion and energy by nodding to the intrinsic DNA of each federation, topped with bold new looks, which fans can wear proudly, both in the stands and on the streets this summer."

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Modern, elegant, and premium are themes that run throughout both home and away kits for Belgium’s national team. The home jersey is inspired by Belgian contemporary architecture and luxury fashion design, while colours pay homage to the tones found within the national flag. The sign-off on the back of the neck displays ‘1895’ – a nod to the founding date of the Belgian FA.

The away jersey celebrates the rich art and design culture in Belgium, specifically Belgium cartoonist, Hergé, and the comic character he is famously known for; Tintin. Inspired by Tintin’s iconic outfit, a royal nod is found on the back of the collar with a golden crown that glimmers against a bright blue backdrop.

Embossed into the print of both articles is a tessellation of 3D diamonds, including geometric lines, that emulate the Royal Belgian football crest. The two jerseys are also bound via the same emblem, which showcases the crown, national flag, and the date of 1895.

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Germany’s home kit features the classic colour scheme of white and black, whilst the shoulders adorn a black, that blends into red and spark orange – inspired by the national flag, with elements of a fresh aesthetic to help provide a new look for the tournament hosts.

The away shirt delivers a vibrant colour-scheme inspired by the digital world of the metaverse - looking to connect the newest generation of German fans. Both home and away are bound via a consistent pattern inspired by DFB’s logo, while the crests nod to national symbols of Germany, such as the iconic eagle that appears on the Government flag.

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The leading principal of Hungary’s latest design is to unite all Hungarians – wherever they are in the world – to support their team on the biggest stage in European football. Hungary’s home shirt is inspired by the colour DNA of its flag and the patterns of the national team’s crest – which is proudly displayed over the heart of the jersey.

The away shirt follows the same principle, but the colour scheme and final graphic represents the Hungarian flag in motion creating a sense of fluidity; against a base colour of white. ‘Only Together’ connects the home and away shirts on the back of the neck, but also connects the fans of Hungary, from wherever they support their national team across the globe.

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Staying true to the heritage of the Italian jersey, but with a fresh look for today’s fans and players, the new Italy home and away kit applies the Tricolore in a striking and elegant way. The home jersey comes in the classic Italy blue, with the colour DNA of the flag striped down the shoulders and displayed as a main showcase on the crest.

The away design again features a base hue of white, with nods to the flag on the shoulders, the crest and side panels of the body. Both are connected with a unique pattern of the letter I – reimagined into a digital look and feel – whilst L’ITALIA CHIAMO is displayed on the back neck, celebrating lyrics from the national anthem.

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An immense passion rings throughout the nation of Scotland, which has been injected into the home design via a modernized tartan graphic and dark blue base that speaks to its heritage – finished with captivating geometric shapes.

Following the theme of tartan and heritage, the away jersey is inspired by an iconic kit from the 90’s era, but with a fresh new look for today’s fans and players. A colourful and disruptive tartan graphic features against a unique light base colour, partnered with dark purple detailing that delivers a fresh new look. Both home and away showcase a Scotland flag, sketched with a tartan mix, on the back of the collar.

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Pulling from the human and natural world,  Spain’s home jersey delivers a classic look for the national team, with progressive themes injected throughout. Wavy patterns are splashed across the base of the shirt, which blends shapes of the country’s national flower – the carnation - and the seas that surround the peninsula.

The away jersey also applies the visual of waves and the beauty of the flower but with an unconventional colour pairing on the base and side panels – resulting in an aesthetic that represents a bustling Spanish beach in the middle of summer.  Signing off both the home and away jersey, is the carnation – the national flower – on the back of the collar, which looks to bind together fans and players, via a symbol that embraces distinction and love

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The dragon of Wales (Ddraig goch), is the centrepiece of the national flag and once again, the roaring red colour of the beast burns throughout the home jersey as its primary colour. Lashes of green, yellow and red, in a shape inspired by the dragon’s tail, whip across side panels and under the armpits – igniting the burning passion shared by players and fans.

The away jersey is inspired by the famous Welsh bucket hat – featuring retro patterns and colours representative of the flag, with a base tone of soft yellow, to showcase Welsh tradition through the eyes of modernity. The sign-off message for home and away is simply ‘Team Play, is the Best Play’ – aiming to unite players and supporters to deliver moments of magic. 

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