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adidas Unveil UEFA Women's Euro 2022 Jerseys

With UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 right around the corner adidas reveals the kits created for the national teams of Belgium, Germany, Northern Ireland, Spain and Sweden, who are set to compete in the biggest European women’s sport event in history.

Sweden jumped the gun when they revealed their new home shirt for EURO 2022 earlier this week, but then again they don't lack for confidence, including the secret to how to beat them in the design. False starts aside, adidas now reveal the new shirts of all five of its competing nations, shot together in the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London – a location known for its traditional London aesthetic. If those stairs look a bit familiar it'll be because that's where the Spice Girls filmed the video for their first hit single 26 years ago – an iconic moment of female empowerment preceding the record-breaking tournament to come.

The home kits take inspiration from each of the team’s national flags, while the away kits feature colours connected to previous iconic jerseys from each team’s history. Centralised crests and branding (almost) all round...

We saw each kit as a canvas for creativity; an opportunity to capture and reimagine the DNA of each nation, connecting players and fans with a shared identity to feel a sense of belonging and confidence over the course of the tournament," explained Nick Craggs, General Manager, adidas Football. "This is a huge moment for football and our aim was to create kits that helped the players be the best versions of themselves as they step into the spotlight.” 


The Red Devils get a sleek black number that's bordered by red and yellow on the collar and cuffs and Three Stripes respectively. Centralised branding and crest give it a nice symmetry. Got an Ajax third shirt-vibe about it, and that's definitely no bad thing.

The away shirt arrives in a golden yellow with a sublimated graphic that runs throughout. Contrasting black accents add the finishing touch, providing definition to the design. The only shirt in the collection to not feature a centralised crest and branding...

adieuro 3-min.jpg
adieuro 4-min.jpg
adieuro 5-min.jpg


Why is it that Germany always get some of the best designs? Their new home shirt is a simple-but-effective affair with a traditional white base elevated by the addition of the yellow, red and black flag colourings on the cuffs and collar. The away features a "Mystery Green" colour that instantly conjures images of iconic designs from the 90s. Both feature centralised branding and crest.

adieuro 8-min.jpg
adieuro 9-min.jpg
adieuro 7-min.jpg
adieuro 6-min.jpg


For some reason unknown to us, Northern Ireland only get a home shirt, but it arrives in a clean green look, again with central crest and branding. The base has a texture that lends it a little more depth, while a black stripe on the white collar is a nice finishing detail.

adieuro 10-min.jpg
adieuro 11-min.jpg
adieuro 18-min.jpg
adieuro 17-min.jpg


Spain's home shirt is a proper traditional look that brings back memories of late 90s/early 00s designs. Red base, navy and yellow accents and again, a nice finish on the cuffs. The away shirt follows suit with Belgium and Germany, coming in an all-over colour (here blue) with a sublimated design sitting within.

adieuro 15-min.jpg
adieuro 16-min.jpg
adieuro 20-min.jpg
adieuro 19-min.jpg


One of the tournament favourites and masters of mind games it appears, the Sweden home shirt features a detailed breakdown of how to beat them. Confident move... The design is inspired by Sweden's sea coast, with a wavy silhouette around the neck that reflects the shape of Sweden's coastline. The away shirt follows the trend set out previously, arriving in what is a fairly traditional dark navy with yellow accents.

adieuro 12-min.jpg
adieuro 13-min.jpg
adieuro 14-min.jpg
adieuro 2-min.jpg

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