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Nike Reveal Full 2024 National Federation Kit Sets

Taking care of business in one hit, Nike has unveiled new 2024 home and away kits for its national federations. Each design pushed each federation colour palette in a unique direction while maintaining the country’s aesthetic identity. 

With Euro 2024 and Copa America on the horizon this year, brands have been rolling out their competing nations’ new kits, and next up is Nike. Infusing new energy into the colour of each kit, Nike’s design team took a prismatic approach to refreshing each colour scheme called “metaprism” – a method of augmenting traditional colours through the lens of light and movement.

Each kit is made with Dri-FIT ADV, Nike’s pinnacle standard for performance apparel. Through research conducted in the Nike Sport Research Lab (NSRL) and through data measured using advanced body-mapping technology, the 2024 Federation Kits provide mobility, breathability and venting exactly where it’s needed most. The technical innovation brought to the Global Football kits sets new standards in designing for precision-tuned athletic performance. 

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The Brazil 2024 Home kit features an intricate, all-over pattern celebrating the country’s beautiful natural heritage. Different details of Brazil are contained within the richly-textured pattern set against the distinctive yellow backdrop, from musical notes to macaws, from Sugarloaf Mountain to world-famous beaches. The CBF crest appears in the same place as it did on the legendary ’04 jersey, in which the team famously defeated its opponent 4-2 on penalties.

The Brazil 2024 Away kit features an all-over print inspired the nation’s famous beaches and coastline with a wave motif inspired by Brazilian textiles. The kit features the CBF crest in the centre of the jersey for the first time since 2004. On the back, players’ names appear in a new font inspired by Brazilian art and design.

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Canada’s 2024 Home kit celebrates the country’s sporting DNA. The shirt’s two-tone red features a rebranded Swoosh made famous on Nike hockey jerseys of the past. 

Canada’s 2024 Away kit pays tribute to the nation’s diversity and its pioneers of the game. The 13 red pinstripes on the center of the shirt represent the 10 provinces and three territories of the country coming together as one. A heritage Canada logo inside the collar honors the first Canadian football team to leave its mark on the world stage in 1986.

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The China 2024 Home kit includes a bold red that allows the national flag to pop from the centre of the shirt. The dragons from the national crest appear inside the collar. 

The China 2024 Away kit draws inspiration from the importance of the sky and heavenly realm in Chinese philosophy, while a new three-colour combination appears on the collar and cuffs. The dragons from the national crest appear inside the collar.

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The Croatia 2024 Home kit gives a bold makeover to the team’s iconic red and white checks, with larger squares to help form the national flag. The collar is inspired by national loyalty with a logo announcing Obitelj (“Family”), while the ribbed polo collar adds even more style.

The Croatia 2024 Away kit features slanted checks that pay homage to the heroes of 1998. The return to blue matches the tones found on the crest and the national flag.

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The England 2024 Home kit disrupts history with a modern take on a classic. The trim on the cuffs takes its cues from the training gear worn by England’s 1966 heroes, with a gradient of blues and reds topped with purple. The same colours also feature an interpretation of the flag of St. George on the back of the collar. 

The England 2024 Away Kit reimaines iconic national kits with a modern twist. In a break from convention, the away shirt is based in an eye-catching purple color to reflect a youthful energy on and off the pitch. The graphic side panels feature seven different colors and pay homage to the nation’s forward-thinking style, while also emphasising the flag of St. George on the collar. 

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The France 2024 Home kit honours the greats of the team’s past. The oversized crest on the front of the shirt respects the diverse French teams of the 1980s that united a nation. The collar features a tricolore and a unifying message and logo on the inside, Nos différences nous unissent, uniting players and fans as they prepare to host the world stage. 

The France 2024 Away kit resurrects a classic style of the 1980s in a tribute to the diverse teams of the nation. The oversized crest points to those teams of the past. The pinstripes reflect the colours of the flag, subtly shifting through blue to red to match the contrasting side panels and cuffs. The logo on the inside collar switches from gold to blue for the Away shirt while still featuring the message of unity, Nos différences nous unissent.

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The Korea 2024 home kit reimagines artistic traditions of the past. The nation’s famous red shirts give way to a playful, pink update that takes its cues from the country’s traditional architectural artwork. The regal Tiger inspires the claw-mark effect of the wordmark inside the collar.

The Korea 2024 Away kit draws inspiration from the country’s famous pearl lacquerware, highlighting the artistry that the team brings to the world stage. The regal Tiger inspires the claw-mark effect of the wordmark inside the collar.

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The Netherlands 2024 home kit celebrates the vibrancy and creativity of Dutch culture. The famous orange of the team is diffused into a new tone for 2024, with an engineered knit construction, contrasting seams and a bright Liteflex crest. Inside the collar, a crown graphic is designed with a modern twist.

The Netherlands 2024 Away kit includes three shades of blue in a minimalist geometric design, while the famous orange pops on the collar, the cuffs and other lion-influenced graphic elements. Inside the collar, a crown graphic is designed with a modern twist. 

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The Nigerian 2024 Home kits captures the purity of the ‘Naija’ spirit throughout a primary white base, the first time in three years the Super Eagles have used it as a main colour. A large Super Eagle and NAIJA are linked together across the chest. The kits includes a unique boxed neckline and striking green and black seams, while a distinct red Swoosh matches the Liteflex crest on the shorts.

The Nigeria 2024 Away kit represents the creative communities that connect across the country whenever the national team takes the pitch. The kit includes a two-tone green seam that blends to black. 

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The Norway 2024 Home kit is forged by the nation’s history. The center of the shirt gives the national flag a modern twist with a sword-inspired finish, while the bespoke font brings the design elements together through a sharp, metallic treatment. Inside the collar is “Sterkere Sammen” branding, meaning Stronger Together

The Norway 2024 Away kit looks to the natural world as a force that binds its people together. The kit features a print insppired by the snow and ice of the Arctic Circle. The graphic treatment of the colors is influenced by the Northern Lights. Inside the collar is “Sterkere Sammen” branding, meaning Stronger Together.

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The Poland 2024 Home Kit is characterized by the red-ribbed polo collar, nodding to the football greats of the country’s past. An oversized crest on the center of the shirt is combined with the Polish Football Federation’s logo on the back of the collar.

The Poland 2024 Away kit gives the country’s famous red color palette a modern and futuristic makeover. In a first for the Away kit, the shirt features a bold graphic treatment, with three red tones layered together providing a rich gradient effect. An oversized crest on the centre of the shirt is combined with the Polish Football Federation’s logo on the back of the collar. 

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The Portugal 2024 Home kit takes national tradition through a modern lens. The classic colors of the home shirt pay homage to the Portuguese flag and the country’s cultural creativity through colour-blocking. 

The Portugal 2024 Away kit pays homage to the nation’s traditional architectural artistry. The blue mosaic tile design brings a subtle change to the usual white of the Portugal second shirt. 

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The Türkiye 2024 Home kit celebrates a century of the Crescent Stars. The famous red band across the front of the shirt features a curved top and printed crease lines, modeled after the look of a flag draped around a player’s shoulders. The country’s name is printed proudly across the back of the shirt. 

The Türkiye 2024 Away kit features a red palette matching the colors of the Al Sancak, the Red Flag, highlighting the crest over the chest. The country’s name is printed proudly across the back of the shirt. 

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The 2024 USA Home kit bears the nation’s timeless patriotism through a distinct red, white and blue graphic rib design on the collar and cuffs. Inside the collar, a single star is accompanied by the inspirational message, “One Nation, One Team.”

The 2024 USA Away kit sees a return to the sash design first made famous by America’s footballing heroes of 1950, with a new gradient descending on multiple stripes. 

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