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Victoria Park Vixens Unveil Beautifully Bespoke Away Kit From Kappa

They said it was coming, and they said it’d be better than the home kit…While that second point is a matter of opinion (they’re both beautiful), Victoria Park Vixens have delivered on their promise with the reveal of their stunning new away kit from Kappa.

Just before Christmas, grassroots club Victoria Park Vixens sprang on to our radar when they revealed their new home kit from Kappa – a stunning design that at once paid homage to their roots, while also acting as the perfect canvas on which to show off their foxy new club crest, which was part of a recent club rebrand. It was all revealed whilst the club were on tour in Athens, and at that time they also teased the upcoming away kit, suggesting that it was even better than the home option. Well, now you get to make up your own minds on that point, with the club lifting the veil on their new away threads. One thing that can surely be agreed upon: it’s another beauty.

vpvixens 10-min.jpg
vpvixens 8-min.jpg

Like the home kit, the away once again benefits from playing host to the new club crest, which sits opposite that iconic Kappa Omini logo, both of which are presented in a luxurious gold. Vixens and Kappa opted to revisit the green base of the previous away shirt, applying a clean, classic aesthetic that allows attention to drift effortlessly to both the golden details and the cuff and collar detail, which pops in white. That brand logo also sits on the upper arm of each sleeve, while it's given a white background on the sides of the shorts to accentuate it all the more in its 'banda' formation. Then, on the reverse there's one of the best numbersets you're likely to see this year, again, presented in gold with the word 'VIXEN' riding above.

vpvixens 9-min.jpg
vpvixens 6-min.jpg
vpvixens 7-min.jpg
vpvixens 2-min.jpg

While the home shirts got their debuts in the warmer Greek climate in a series of friendlies in Athens in November, they will be making their league debut along with the away kits in the coming weeks, back on the slightly cooler UK shores.

vpvixens 4-min.jpg
vpvixens 5-min.jpg
vpvixens 3-min.jpg
vpvixens 11-min.jpg
vpvixens 12-min.jpg
vpvixens 13-min.jpg

There are plans to retail the VP Vixens kits early in 2024, alongside a variety of new Vixens merchandise on a dedicated webstore – info to follow.

Daniel Jones

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