For the second season in a row, Netflix crime drama series, Top Boy takes its place as sponsor for Hackney Wick’s home and away shirts. The Nike produced kits for 23/24 were customised by Foday Dumbuya, founder of London menswear brand LABRUM.

Last season, Hackney Wick FC announced a special sponsorship deal with Netflix Crime Drama series, Top Boy, with the show title appearing on the semi-pro side’s home and away shirts. Now, with the final season of the Netflix show being available on Netflix, the sponsorship has been renewed for a further season, appearing on the club’s newly unveiled home and away shirts for 23/24.

Further to that partnership with the Netflix series, the new kit also sees a collaboration with Hackney-based designer Foday Dumbuya. Dumbuya’s LABRUM brand has designed the shirts to celebrate the interweaving communities and the 32 boroughs of London. Both the home and away shirts Include a zig-zag motif, inspired by traditional African art, to represent the community and different cultures interweaving. The 32 postcodes of London are then woven into the fabric of the shirts. The shirts contain the Top Boy logo on the chest and LABRUM's logo on the right sleeve. The logo for Hackney Wick FC’s charity, THINK OUTSIDE THE BLOX is featured on the left sleeve.

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Bobby Kasanga (Founder of Hackney Wick FC) said: "Top Boy's sponsorship of the club is the best possible thing for the next generation of Hackney Wick FC players.

"The cost of living is impacting families harshly, so this sponsorship means more free football for young people in disadvantaged communities. We are forever grateful for the lasting legacy of the show and hope to find our Top Boys and Girls on the football field. Top Boy is investing in the next generation of ballers.

"The 32 Borough Cup HWFC organises helps unify different young people from across London and the importance of togetherness is incorporated in the new kit as all postcodes are recognised.

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Foday Dumbuya (Creative Director & Founder of LABRUM) said: These shirts embody the essence of interwoven communities and pay tribute to London's remarkable 32 boroughs. Drawing inspiration from the captivating artistry of traditional African motifs, the zig-zag patterns represent the beautiful tapestry of cultures that intertwine within our city. This kit is more than just a uniform; it is a symbol of unity, resilience, and the strength that arises when diverse communities come together. We should embrace the power of collaboration, celebrate the beauty in our differences, and create a legacy of unity that extends far beyond the game.

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Top Boy: The Final Chapter is on Netflix now.