Doing things a little differently to the norm, Real Madrid players have unveiled their new away shirt for the 23/24 season from adidas, wearing it as they boarded the plane for their preseason US tour.

The new football shirt releases come thick and fast around this time of year, as teams ramp up their preparation for the new season. But while the usual protocol for these launches is releasing a few pictures from a previous photoshoot or even a short video telling the story of the design, Real Madrid players have bucked that trend, giving the world its first look at their new 23/24 away shirt as they wore it while boarding the plane for their preseason US tour.

It’s a novel approach, but one that we’re only too happy to see, given that we’re accompanying Los Blancos on their preseason tour for the second season in a row. It meant that we got a close up look at the new design. The shirt sees a repeating wave graphic on the dark navy body, with yellow accents featuring on the sleeve cuffs and as one of the three multi-coloured stripes on the shoulders. It’s an approach that adidas have used a couple of time as a point of difference with their branding recently, notably with the Leeds United home shirt.

Following the reveal, we can expect to see the new Real Madrid away shirt in action in their four 2023 Soccer Champions Tour games.

madrid 9-min.jpg
madrid 4-min.jpg
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