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Our Top 10 2023 Women's World Cup Shirts

With the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand now in full swing, we pick out the 10 best purpose-made kits for the tournament.

The women’s game is now getting more attention than ever, with the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand set to be the most watched women’s football tournament in history. With that increased appetite has also come a much more dedicated level of service from the brands, as they help to promote the athletes and federations like never before, leaning into their individual identities separately from the men’s teams. This in turn has resulted in some beautifully bespoke kits, and here we pick out our Top 10. Just to be clear, you won’t find any kits here that have already been worn by the men’s teams, meaning no Italy or Jamaica for instance, despite how good those kits are. Rules are rules, and we made them and will die by them. Ready to get on? Us too…

wwc 15-min.jpg
wwc 9-min.jpg

10. Argentina Away

Striking landscapes from Serranía de Hornocal in the north to Ushuaia in the south, the Argentina away kit signifies the diverse natural landscapes found across the country. Nice contrast branding on each side. For us this is a kit that actually looks better in action on the pitch.

wwc 13-min.jpg
wwc 6-min.jpg

9. England Away

The Lionesses' away kit brings in the first expression of blue in the team’s history, throwing back to the cult kit from Italia '90. 

wwc 12-min.jpg
wwc 2-min.jpg

8. Denmark Home

For the Denmark Home shirt, Hummel took influence from pop-art, most notably comics, with several sublimated graphics featuring throughout the designs. And it works – bit retro, bit progressive.

wwc 19-min.jpg
wwc 4-min.jpg

7. Canada Home

Entwining the maple leaf of the nation's identity into the very fabric of the shirt in a geometric graphic, Canada's women's team get a bespoke design – something the men missed out on for their World Cup appearance in 2022.

wwc 14-min.jpg
wwc 5-min.jpg

6. Colombia Away

Colombia's cosmic away shirt pays homage the many hues of the Caño Cristales River – often referred to as the ‘River of Five Colors’ – celebrating the unique changing phenomenon that occurs due to the reflection of light against the water. The numbering on the match-worn shirts in yellow actually helps the overall design.

wwc 18-min.jpg
wwc 7-min.jpg

5. Australia Home

Opening up the Top 5, the joint hosts have been blessed with a created-by-hand acrylic pour and marbling pattern, which runs through the body. Those golden yellow hues tying in so nicely with those deep greens, as is often the case for the Matildas.

wwc 11-min.jpg
wwc 8-min.jpg

4. Japan Away

A real favourite upon release, Japan’s away kit takes its pink colour cues from the beautiful pink sunrise that can be witnessed at Mount Fuji. Simple, but oh so effective.

wwc 17-min.jpg
wwc 1-min.jpg

3. Spain Away

The Spanish away jersey takes inspiration from the beautiful coral reefs that can be found around Spain’s vast coastlines – a feature the country shares with the famous coral reefs found in the tournament’s host nations of Australia and New Zealand.

wwc 20-min.jpg
wwc 10-min.jpg

2. New Zealand Home

Such a simple idea, and yet so effective. The New Zealand home shirt uses the silver fern that's so integral to the nation's identity, and spreads it out in an almost tie-dye execution. With an opening win under their belt, you can guarantee that sales of this shirt will go up...

wwc 16-min.jpg
wwc 3-min.jpg

1. Germany Away

Adidas doing their home nation a solid yet again... the glorious design is inspired by the various deep green woodland areas found within the country – from the Black Forest to the Zauberwald. Those green hues embellished by gold accents. Glorious.

Honourable for Brazil away, Netherlands away, Switzerland home, Morocco home, Nigeria away and Sweden away. Too much sauce in this World Cup...

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