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adidas Reveal 2023 Women's World Cup Shirts

Drawing inspiration from the natural world and the landscapes of each individual nation, Adidas have revealed the away shirts for the 2023 World Cup for Argentina, Colombia, Japan, Germany, Spain and Sweden.

The 2023 Women’s World Cup, set to take place in Australia and New Zealand, is not all that far off now, and following the reveal of the official match ball for the competition, adidas now unveil the away shirts for Argentina, Colombia, Germany, Spain and Sweden. Designs across all adidas federations draw inspiration from nature, celebrating unique natural scenery found in each nation, connecting players and fans alike, by encouraging a shared appreciation of the wonders of the natural environment in their country.

Both authentic and replica versions of each kit are made from a yarn containing 50 percent Parley Ocean Plastic, re-imagined plastic waste, intercepted on remote islands, beaches, coastal communities and shorelines, preventing it from polluting our ocean. The other 50 percent of the yarn is recycledpolyester.Just one of the innovations that represent our commitment to help end plastic waste.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is the absolute pinnacle of the sport - capturing the imaginations of both current and new fans across the globe,” remarked Sam Handy, Vice President Product and Design, adidas Football. “As with every major competition, we know the designs will become etched into football’s history books. With the tournament being held in Australia and New Zealand – two countries with iconic landscapes – we wanted to create a common theme throughout our kits, in celebration and appreciation of the wonders of the natural environments that can be found around the world.

The jerseys are also of course performance-led and come equipped with technologies that allow players to meet the demands of the modern game. For this year’s federation kits, we believe we’ve delivered just that - best-in-class performance sportswear with a design that is bold, exciting, and celebrates the diverse natural landscape unique to each country – a combination worthy of this year’s Women’s World Cup.”

adi wwc 8-min.jpg
adi wwc 7-min.jpg


Striking landscapes from Serranía de Hornocal in the north to Ushuaia in the south, the Argentina away kit signifies the diverse natural landscapes found across the country.

adi wwc 18-min.jpg
adi wwc 17-min.jpg


The Colombian away kit pays homage the many hues of the Caño Cristales River – often referred to as the ‘River of Five Colors’ – celebrating the unique changing phenomenon that occurs due to the reflection of light against the water. Utilising traditional federation colours, re-imagined through the lens of flowing water and the reflection of light, the design brings in a fresh look that celebrates the country’s rich biodiversity.

adi wwc 16-min.jpg
adi wwc 15-min.jpg


Germany’s away jersey is inspired by the various deep green woodland areas found within the country – from the Black Forest to the Zauberwald. The various shades of green and bespoke handmade graphic celebrate Germany’s vast woodlands – which cover an area equivalent to one third of the country’s land mass.  

adi wwc 21-min.jpg
adi wwc 20-min.jpg


Japan’s away kit takes its pink colour cues from the beautiful pink sunrise that can be witnessed at Mount Fuji. The sunrise represents the collective mission of the Japanese team – as the Women’s World Cup emerges on the horizon – to add another winner’s star to the team badge.

adi wwc 14-min.jpg
adi wwc 13-min.jpg


The Spanish away jersey takes inspiration from the beautiful coral reefs that can be found around Spain’s vast coastlines – a feature the country shares with the famous coral reefs found in the tournament’s host nations of Australia and New Zealand.

adi wwc 11-min.jpg
adi wwc 12-min.jpg


Sweden’s away jersey is inspired by the vast glacial rivers and ice caps that can be found across the country. Combining a changing glacial blue graphic, with trims and details in the iconic yellow color synonymous with the nation – the design seeks to highlight the beauty and importance of the nation’s glaciers.

The adidas 2023 Women's World Cup shirts will be available from 6 April ay

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