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Nike Launch Pumas UNAM 23/24 Home & Away Shirts

Unmistakeable in the world of football, Nike launch the Pumas UNAM 23/24 home and away shirts, with that iconic puma head crest once again dominating the designs of both.

Few shirts in world football are as instantly recognisable as that of Mexican side Pumas UNAM. Continuing the tradition of having the club’s puma head logo front and centre, both the home and away shirt for 23/24 from Nike are inspired by the perseverance, greatness, determination of the club. As a differential for this season, the white home shirt sees the puma head logo sitting on a cracked rock graphic, which a club statement says represents “a characteristic volcanic rock structure of our Quarry.”

pumas 5-min.jpg
pumas 9-min.jpg

The effect of the home shirt is meant to be almost comic-esque, with the logo bursting out of the cracked rock.

The away shirt comes in the traditional navy base with gold accents, including the puma head crest, while there are no signs of the cracked rock graphic.

Both shirts include the wording "Goooya, Universidad" on the inside collar, which recalls the incomparable encouragement of the auriazul fans at all times.

pumas 1-min.jpg
pumas 6-min.jpg
pumas 4-min.jpg
pumas 2-min.jpg
pumas 7-min.jpg
pumas 3-min.jpg
pumas 8-min.jpg
pumas 10-min.jpg

Pick up the Pumas UNAM 23/24 home and away shirts at

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