Following the reveal of their new 23/24 home shirt from adidas, which took a certain amount of inspiration from a zebra’s stripes, Juventus have debuted their striking new prematch shirt, and it sees the design lean even further into that world of wildlife.

At the end of last week, Juventus unveiled their new home shirt for the 23/24 season from adidas, before debuting it in their 2-0 win over Cremonese. It’s the latest evolution of the club’s iconic home look from then brand, and it updates the club’s distinctive design heritage with a brushed zebra-style graphic, edged with bold yellow accents. Strong look, and one that has received almost universal praise, with adidas once again hitting the heights with their jersey designs – but the Bianconeri haven’t just been blessed with a banging home shirt, as we found out on the weekend.

As well as debuting their new home kit for next season, ahead of the game against Cremonese Juventus also unveiled their new prematch shirt – and it was quite the sight. While the home shirt tweaked the traditional Bianconeri look by making the stripes look like a zebra’s, it still kept that clear stripe layout synonymous with Juventus’ traditional look. However, as has been established over the last few seasons, the canvas that is the prematch shirt is a far more adventurous space, one that’s free from the constraints of tradition, rules and regulations. As a result, more often than not, they end up being a far more wild affair than the match kits – and that’s quite literal for Juventus here.

juve 10-min.jpg
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The Juventus 23/24 prematch shirt adopts a far more faithful recreation of a zebra’s unique stripe pattern, with a black base overlaid by a white striped graphic to create the look. The branding, sponsor and club crest then appear in yellow, albeit in a more golden shade than the home shirt.

The design was hailed by Juventus fans, with some calling for it to be the home shirt for the season. It’s yet another entrant on our recent list of pre match shirts that really should have been kits, while it’s also further evidence of the marked shift in terms of how they’re perceived, marketed and worn, with the freedom of the arena opening the doors to some radical designs that’ve often trumped a team’s actual kits.

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It’s a space that shows no sign of slowing down, and with an increased appetite for jersey culture, spurred on by the fashion industry taking a marked interest, we’re getting ever more expressive designs that push the boundaries of what football fashion can be, with the prematch shirt being the perfect platform to explore. With the recent increase in kit costs for the 23/24 season, introduced almost universally across the board by all brands, the prematch shirt once again shines as an alternate option.

The Juventus 23/24 prematch shirt will be available soon, while the Juventus 23/24 home shirt is already available at