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adidas Launch Juventus 23/24 Home Shirt

Evolving the club’s iconic home look, adidas unveil the Juventus home shirt for the 23/24 season. Designed for a new generation of Juventus fans, the shirt updates the club’s distinctive design heritage with a brushed zebra-style graphic, edged with bold yellow accents, and it will be worn on pitch for the first time against Cremonese on 14 May.

Juventus are well known for their iconic black and white stripe look. Sure that’s been played with in the past, but generally speaking it’s black and white stripes all the way. And do you know what else has black and white stripes? That’s right, a zebra. So, why not combine the two? That’s what Adidas have done for Juve’s 23/24 home shirt, tweaking the traditional look by making the stripes look like a zebra’s. Oh, and chucking in a splash of yellow for an added differential. Look, it’s not easy keeping traditional home shirts fresh, and do you know what, it actually works really well here.

But there’s also more to the use of the look of a zebra, other than the coincidence that both they and Juventus football club happen to be synonymous with black and white stripes. See, every zebra’s stripe pattern is unique, and so the brushed stroke finish used on the Juventus home shirt is applied to evoke the individuality and artistry of the players on pitch.

The bold graphic that runs across the jersey is completed by contrasting yellow detailing. The colour, that draws inspiration from legendary jerseys of the past, is featured throughout key parts of the design from the badge and sponsor markings to the three stripes that adorn the shoulders, creating a jersey rooted in the club’s heritage, yet unmistakably modern by design.

So there you have it, and to finish off, zebras are black with white stripes. Now you know.

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