We’re all done with seeing in the regular new year, so now attention switches to the Chinese New Year, and to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, PUMA have provided Manchester City with a special edition kit and collection.

Football fandom is no longer restricted to those that live locally to the club, as we all know, and to emphasise this point Manchester City celebrates their fans living in China by releasing a special edition kit and collection from kit supplier PUMA. The 2023 collection features a stunning limited-edition jersey, jacket, track pants and t-shirts that combine club heritage with references to Chinese culture, acknowledging the Chinese New Year, which this year is the Year of the Rabbit.

The new jersey pays tribute to the year of the Rabbit with a moon-inspired all-over print and golden details that mark the successful mission of China’s lunar rover, the Jade Rabbit in 2013. The Blazing Blue and Matte PUMA Gold jersey also features a unique sign-off on the neckline combining the Manchester City logo with bespoke interwoven rabbits.

The Chinese New Year is on 22 January, but it's currently not known if Manchester City will actually wear the kit for a fixture around this time, though indications are that it's unlikely.

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