Landing in plenty of time for the celebrations on 25 January, adidas launch the Arsenal Chinese New Year clothing collection. The four-piece special edition collection features a Phoenix throughout to tie it to Chinese folklore.

The Chinese New Year is the Chinese festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar, and with a huge footballing fanbase in that part of the world, particularly for the Premier League, it’s no surprise that adidas are looking to join in on the celebrations with their top-tier teams. Having already released a special edition jersey for Man United, along with a jacket, tee and sweatshirt, it’s now the turn of Arsenal.

arsenal 6-min.jpg

While the dragon adorned the Manchester United collection, for Arsenal it’s the Phoenix. The mythical creature adorns both sleeves of  the Arsenal CNY jacket, which is also made with recycled polyester, saving resources, avoiding waste, and offering it another level of appreciation. The Phoenix then appears on the chest of a tee and sweatshirt, while a pair of black track pants features some more subtle Chinese detailing in gold alongside the club crest, rounding off the collection.

arsenal 7-min.jpg
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