Signalling a new era, adidas have unveiled the new home and away kits for Italy, which arrive with a special marble effect, which is inspired by the use of the material throughout the country.

Marble plays an important role in Italian society, and its unique pattern can be seen across the country, from statues, monuments and museums to household kitchens. Away from the stereotypical Italian favourites of pizza and pasta, it’s a strong representation of the nation, and so it is here that adidas have turned for inspiration when producing their first Italy kits of the new partnership, which commenced on 1 January. The new kits signal the start of a new era of Italy, marked also by the presence of the new national team crest, appearing on kit for the first time.

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The ‘Home’ kit, which boasts a blue colour base as per tradition, sees marble, an element that is replicated on the fabric through manual work that combines traditional craftsmanship of raw materials and highly innovative techniques, as a focal inspiration on both jersey and shorts for a cohesive and beautifully integrated design.

In addition to the exclusive pattern, there are other references to Italian culture on the ‘Home’ kit, such as the Tricolour details delicately inserted on the shoulders: an elegant borderline has been added to each of the three adidas stripes to recreate the colours of the Italian flag. The Tricolour is also present on the jersey sides and edging. Finally, the back of the collar bears the word ‘Italia’, completely customised with a clear reference to Roman engravings, the same approach used in the lettering of the players’ names and in the numbering of the jerseys. 

The sleeves and collar boasts delicate but striking gold details, which embellish the kit as a reminder of the Federation’s successes. As a sign off, the new adidas performance logo features alongside the new FIGC crest logo, released in the recent days, and both are heat-applied.

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The ‘Away’ kit is also strongly inspired by marble, and the design carries across thanks to the light shade of the base: the predominant colour is ‘off-white’, with a clear reference to the raw material that distinguishes the whole kit, embellished by the graphic design with navy blue and gold veining.

The wider range complements the ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ with the prematch shirt being a standout in the collection; it shares the marble aesthetic in a colour palette that connects to the Italian Tricolour. Other pieces include an anthem jacket, created in a unique double-sided design, and the warm-up products that feature again in bold blue and white with accents from the Tricolour. 

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Bjørn Gulden, Chief Executive Officer at adidas, said: “Italy is one of the most storied and successful national teams in all of football. We are very proud to officially welcome the FIGC and all its teams to the adidas family and we look forward to a successful partnership together. At the same time, we are tremendously excited to finally be able to share with the world our fantastic lineup of products including beautiful home and away kits. They are quintessentially Italian and elegant while staying true to the iconic heritage of the ´Azzurri`.”

Gabriele Gravina, President of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), commented: “Today we are entering into a new era and we are proud to be doing it with adidas, which has best interpreted, and in a modern way, the passion and the tradition of the Azzurri. For 113 years, the Italian national football team has represented a symbol of values and style around the world, our football kit is a national heritage that goes beyond sport, because it transmits feelings that unite people of different ages, sexes and social backgrounds. The male and female national football teams represent a strong element of identity, that we will enhance to the fullest with this new partnership.”

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