Along with many other nations, PUMA have today unveiled Italy’s 2022 away shirt, which is set to be the last one of the partnership. The simplistic design sees the traditional colours of the Azzurri acting as accents on an otherwise clean white base.

Back in March, Italy and adidas announced a new partnership that would commence in January 2023, following the end of the Azzurri’s long term deal with PUMA. It meant that PUMA would get one last hurrah with Italy, signing off with a World Cup. Sadly for the partnership, things did not play out that way, and Italy failed to qualify for tournament, and so things would end on a bit of a low note. PUMA did still have a last home and away shirt up there sleeves, with the former being released back in May, and the latter now being unveiled.

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The Italy 2022 away shirt is a strange beast. Viewed independently it’s not bad; a clean white base punctuated by accents in colours of the Italian national flag, with the tie in to the home shirt coming through the blue collar. But it’s not alone, arriving as it has, among a whole host of nations’ PUMA away shirts. And therein lies the major problem: we’re back in uncomfortable template territory. One glance at what adidas have done with their 2022 World Cup kits will surely leave PUMA’s contingent looking on enviously.

The other issue with this kit is if it will actually ever get worn. Italy have two fixtures left before their time with PUMA is up. The first is a home game against England. Now, common sense would see both teams in their home kits, with no clash problems. But if Italy do opt to debut this new away kit then England will also have to swap into their alternate kit. Would just be a bit odd.

Italy’s only other fixture is away against Hungary, so this may prove to be a more likely debut, although they play in red, so not an entirely necessary change from the blue.

Meanwhile, the Italy women’s team have a handful of fixtures, so if they make the switch from their Euro kit, then it’s far more likely that we’ll see them in this option.

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