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adidas Release 125 Year Anniversary Italy Shirt

To celebrate and mark the 125th anniversary of the foundation of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), adidas has revealed a special commemorative kit that will be used at the UEFA Nations League Finals 2023.

To pay tribute to the 125th anniversary of the FIGC, which was founded on 26 March 1898, adidas has produced a special kit for the national team to wear in their upcoming UEFA Nations League Finals this year. The celebratory kit takes inspiration from the first one worn by the Italian national football team in its inaugural match in 1910 (Italy-France 6-2, at the Arena Civica in Milan). The celebratory kit features a distinctly retro look reminiscent of the cotton and loose fit of the original jerseys, although made with the latest adidas technology and high-quality materials.

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The jersey is white with gold details and is embellished on the chest with the Italian national football team's shield on the occasion flanked by a golden laurel wreath and the detail of the 125th anniversary of the FIGC (1898-2023); on the other side featuring the gold adidas logo. The uniform features a white crew-neck with the traditional three adidas stripes running over the shoulders. Thanks to the ‘Flatnik’ technique and its weave, which reinterprets classic style with an ultra-modern twist, the weft on the short sleeves is enhanced. A label commemorating the anniversary of the Italian Football Federation has been included on the right side as a further valuable element. 

The shorts are also white with gold details: three stripes run down the sides, while the FIGC commemorative crest is applied on the right thigh. The socks are black with gold embroidery: the Italy inscription on the front, the adidas logo on the back and the three stripes below the knee.

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The kit will be sold in a limited edition (only 2023 pieces, like the year of the anniversary) inside a special white box split into two parts with a gold trim – through which adidas wants to celebrate the timeless beauty of the Italian national team jersey. In the upper part of the box, created using a relief technique, the FIGC crest is displayed in its 125th anniversary version, topped by the four stars symbolizing the four World Cup victories and encircled by a golden laurel wreath bearing the inscription ‘125th anniversary 1898-2023’ below. Inside, on two levels and covered by tissue paper bearing the dates 1898-2023, is the commemorative uniform, which includes a jersey, shorts and socks. Completing the special pack is a postcard depicting the Italian national team in 1910, ahead of its historical debut. 

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Lorenzo Reich, adidas Senior Director Sports Maketing said: “To celebrate this special anniversary of the FIGC as part of our ongoing partnership is a truly special moment. adidas’ brand belief is ‘Through sport, we have the power to change lives’, and thinking about how many lives have been changed both inside and outside of Italy by the FIGC and it’s teams is something that stirs the soul of any football fan.

Reaching back into the rich history of the FIGC to bring this celebratory kit to life has only deepened our mutual respect with the FIGC, and we’re sure football fans across Italy will feel this kit is a timeless reflection of a century-and-a-quarter of Italian football.” 

Gabriele Gravina, Italian Football Federation (FIGC) President said: “Thanks to the collaboration with Adidas, we are celebrating the 125th anniversary of the founding of the FIGC with an iconic jersey steeped in history and modernity. The anniversary kit perfectly interprets our vision for the development of soccer: values and deep roots represent the backbone of a movement that looks to the future and change without qualms or hesitation.

What's more, it is particularly significant that honouring the Federation's birthday is the national team, which represents the apex of a broad and articulated system in which more than 1 million card-carrying members identify themselves. I am sure that this limited edition kit will also be very successful, like the home and away collections launched last January”.

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The Italy 125 year anniversary shirt will be available at from 14 June.

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