Following in the same footsteps as the likes of Nike’s T90 template from 2004 and adidas’s Teamgeist collection from 2006, PUMA have released the away shirts for most of its 2022 World Cup contingent, as well as for those that didn’t qualify for the tournament. So take a look at what Ghana, Morocco, Serbia, Senegal, Switzerland and Uruguay will be wearing as their alternate strips in Qatar, as well as the other seven nations.

While brave in its attempts to break the mould and think outside the box, PUMA’s approach for its 21/22 third shirts courted a fair amount of controversy, with many calling the template approach out as lazy and unimaginative. But it hasn’t seemingly put the German brand off, with the reveal of their 2022 international away kits, which will be used in the Qatar 2022 World Cup by those that qualified, as well as the other nations that did not. The bold new design language reinterprets national motifs from football, culture, and nature, bringing them together in ways that turn each jersey into a statement piece for the respective nation and the national team. It's a similar approach to that of Nike in 2004 and adidas in 2006, unifying the nations to represent the era and yet giving each their own personal feel.

So the full line up sees Ghana, Morocco, Serbia, Senegal, Switzerland and Uruguay as the World Cup qualifying teams, and then Austria, Czech Republic, Egypt, Iceland, Italy, Ivory Coast, and Paraguay then rounding out the collection as the teams that failed to book a ticket to Qatar.

The designs see a base colour, often white, but an alternate colour for those whose home shirts are already white, joined by pops of colour, usually taken from the respective nation’s flag. The Authentic jerseys feature ULTRAWEAVE performance fabric and dryCELL sweat-wicking technology, making them the lightest and most comfortable PUMA has ever made.

puma 3-min.jpg


Bold meets proud in the new Ghana Away jersey. The block graphic at the center reinterprets the national flag through the visual language of traditional Ghanaian textile patterns. The “Ghana” lettering, federation emblem, and the Black Star of Ghana complete the statement.

puma 27-min.jpg


The team emblem at the center of tech Morocco away shirt is complemented by tonal graphics that pull from traditional Moroccan mosaics.

puma 2-min.jpg


The national flag, federation emblem, and “Les Lions” lettering take center stage, complemented by an abstract graphic of a lion’s mouth to celebrate the bravery and intensity shown by the Lions of Teranga, Africa’s reigning champions.

puma 4-min.jpg


The white 2022 Serbia Away jersey features gold accents and bespoke front panel graphics to celebrate Serbia’s footballing heritage. Central to the crest is a stylized reference to the coat of arms found at the Prince Mihailo Monument in Belgrade. Established in 1882, at the founding of the kingdom of Serbia, the coat of arms is incorporated into the crest to unite the team and the fans.

puma 1-min.jpg


The off-white Switzerland Away jersey is lit up by red graphics and accents that pay tribute to the national flag, federation emblem, and everything they stand for.

puma 28-min.jpg


The Uruguay Away jersey looks to the federation emblem and the national flag for a fresh and fearless take on the national team identity. The country flag and the “Uruguay” script complement the centrally aligned crest.

puma 26-min.jpg


Inspired by the national flag, the white, black and red Austria Away jersey combines the team emblem, country name, and national colors into a bold front panel graphic that celebrates all things Austria.

puma 25-min.jpg

Czech Republic

The 2022 Czech Republic Away jersey in white, red and blue takes inspiration from the team’s emblem to celebrate the nation’s storied footballing heritage.

puma 7-min.jpg


The central graphic of the Egypt away shirt represents the three pyramids of Giza in the style of ancient Egyptian ornaments and features a centrally aligned federation emblem to complete the look.

puma 6-min.jpg


The graphic at the center pays homage to the four protectors of Iceland: the dragon, the bull, the griffin, and the giant, as seen on the national coat of arms and the national team emblem.

italy 2-min.jpg


The white Italy away jersey lights up in bold graphics and proud details inspired by the colors of the national flag. The custom gold accents pay tribute to Italy’s golden footballing heritage.

puma 8-min.jpg

Ivory Coast

Bold graphics at the centre of the Ivory Coast shirt combine the national flag, federation emblem, and the team nickname “Les Éléphants,” paying tribute to Côte d'Ivoire’s national animal.

puma 24-min.jpg


The new 2022 Paraguay Away jersey reinterprets the team’s emblem through an aesthetic of traditional Paraguayan textile patterns.

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