US-based brand Icarus Football has unveiled the first-ever Darfuri Women’s National Team kit, with a design that takes inspiration from local art and wildlife. The kit is set to be debuted at the Street Child World Cup in 2022.

Darfur United is a team made up of refugees from the Darfur genocide in Western Sudan. The team was co-created by iACT, a Los Angeles based organisation, to give Darfuri refugees a chance to represent their people and raise awareness about one of the world's most vulnerable populations. They're now a member of WUFA – a democratic international governing body for teams that aren't affiliated with FIFA – with 2022 set to potentially see the first global competitions for both the women and girls of Darfur United. And Icarus Football have stepped up to dress them out in some vibrant looking kits, ready their first-ever international competition in 2022.

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In March, the Girls' Team will play in the Street Child World Cup in Doha, while the Women's Team may compete in the first WUFA Women's World Unity Cup during the summer. These events will mark the culmination of years of hard work from coaches and Darfuri women in Chad, and give the players the chance to represent their communities on an international stage. 

The shirt sees a black base joined by a green-and-yellow tiger print that wraps around from the sides. The same pattern is utilised on the windbreaker jacket, although that adopts a green base, dropping the appearance of black altogether. The Darfur United gear is available now and all proceeds will go to covering their tournament costs.

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The Darfur United jersey and windbreaker are available at