This weekend, Werder Bremen’s women’s team will take to the field at the wohninvest WESERSTADION to take on 1. FC Köln, marking only their second appearance in the stadium, and to mark the occasion, the club have produced the side’s first ever supporters scarf.

The women’s game continues to grow across the world in terms of both stature and support levels. This is often evident when the teams get the opportunity to play in the stadiums of their male counterparts, often in front of sold out crowds. Werder Bremen are one such team that has previously revelled in that experience, and ahead of what will be only the second appearance of Nina Lührßen, Rieke Dieckmann, and the rest of the team at the wohninvest WESERSTADION, the club has launched the first-ever Werder scarf, exclusively designed for the Women's Bundesliga team.

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This scarf was created in collaboration with the sustainable fashion label DACLARI, founded by former Werder player Daniela Bräuer, and current Werder players Christin Meyer and Ricarda Walkling, while the concept and art direction for the project was provided by Maria Elektra Design. In a joint workshop, they explored what drives the players of SV Werder Bremen, with the result symbolising the history that women's football is writing at the club, conveying the values of the team and the women's and girls' football department – unity, fairness, and integrity.

And that’s not all: the aforementioned Daniela Bräuer, owner of the sustainable Bremen label DACLARI, has created a limited-edition Supporter Scarf Sweater from parts of the scarf (something we've seen Art of Football do in the past), with aspiring graphic designer Christin Meyer designing the logo. The strictly limited Supporter Scarf Sweater is only available on Saturday for €79.99 in the shop at the wohninvest WESERSTADION.

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Photography by Sarah Mehler.

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