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adidas Launch Flamengo 21/22 Third Shirt

Honouring the 40th anniversary of the club’s ‘Golden Era’ of 1981, adidas launch the Flamengo 21/22 third shirt, which sees a black base arrive with a sublimated graphic, with red and gold accents completing the look.

Continuing the theme that was first seen in the club’s new home shirt and then on the away, the Flamengo 21/22 third shirt also pays homage to the club’s hugely successful season in 1981 in which they captured their first ever Copa Libertadores championship and defeated European Cup champions Liverpool by a score of 3-0 in the Intercontinental Cup in Tokyo, Japan – a season that is referred to as the ‘Golden Era’, with the squad taking on the moniker of the ‘Golden Squad’.

The shirt design brings a bolder and more casual aesthetic, exploring a more innovative space than the other kits. The result is an elegant design, in which the dominant black colour is joined by the traditional red on the collar, cuffs and Three Stripes on the shoulders, while golden details on the crest and branding complete the unique look in reference to this highly regarded era of glory. The jersey has also been designed with the specific idea that it carries a style that can traverse from pitch to pavement, and it also reinforces that the passion for Flamengo is a way of life and should be worn anywhere with style.

flamengo 7-min.jpg
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The Flamengo 21/22 third shirt is available at

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