Always leading the way on the style front, PSG have released their full Nike 21/22 away training and lifestyle collection, which carries the theme of the city’s suburbs, colloquially known as Paname, across the full range.

The PSG 21/22 away shirt dropped earlier this month, with a design that was inspired by the city’s suburbs, colloquially known as Paname. The fresh design saw focus centred around a pastel pink stripe that ran down the middle of the shirt, and that colouring is carried through the wider collection, with the Swoosh being brought back into play after it stepped aside for the Jumpman on the home kit and collection.

psg 1-min.jpg
psg 2-min.jpg

The wider PSG 21/22 away collection sees the pink hues of the away shirt carried across the usual wide range of apparel, from classic training tops to more firmly established lifestyle pieces, such as the woven jackets, tees, jumpers, and even reversible bucket hat.

The prematch shirt, already displayed in PSG’s prematch campaign, also lands among the collection, with its striking numerical design on a black base.

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