As has come to be expected these days, the PSG x Jordan 21/22 shirt has dropped and it comes accompanied by a full lifestyle collection that spans the training ground to the street, and as the Jumpman has been promoted to the home shirt, it all arrives in the Ligue 1 side’s classic colours.

As was heavily rumoured, the Jumpman has been promoted, taking the place of the Swoosh on PSG’s new home shirt, as Jordan take the reigns from Nike for 21/22. It’s a huge move, and it’s not one that’s come alone, with a full collection arriving in tow, as has been customary over the last four years of the game-changing collaboration. As with previous PSG x Jordan drops, the extended collection adopts the colourings of the on-pitch shirt, and so for the first time, that means that we’re getting a full lifestyle collection in the traditional colours of the Parisian club.

As with previous collections, this latest drop is made up of a huge range of clothing and footwear, and, like the new home kit, it all nods to the basket balling heritage of the Jordan brand. Chief among the treads are the new limited-edition Air Jordan VII and a Jordan MA2, both featuring PSG branding alongside the Jumpman. 

From a clothing perspective, the range offers up performance pieces alongside a solid selection of street-ready wear. So as well as the new prematch shirt, drill tops and anthem jackets is a wide range of tees, hoodies and shorts. Carrying that basketball theme on is a dedicated basketball jersey, which features a sublimated fleur de lis pattern.

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The PSG x Jordan 21/22 collection will be available on 20 May from