Dropping with some fresh season flavour, Nike have unveiled the extended Barcelona training and lifestyle range for the 21/22 campaign. As usual the collection takes cues from the Catalan club’s new kit, spreading the design aesthetic across a range of performance and street styled items.

The Barcelona 21/22 home kit has already caused a touch of controversy amongst fans. There are some who see the new design as a decent effort from Nike to offer up something different, while there are others who aren’t so keen, comparing the overall look of the kit – particularly the split coloured shorts – with that of a clown. We’ve just chalked it down as a grower. Give it time and a few Messi specials in it and we’re sure it will be readily accepted. But if you just can’t get over the radical aesthetics, then you can play it a bit safer with the new training range.

fcb 17-min.jpg
fcb 18-min.jpg

Presented in classic Barça stylings, the new training and lifestyle range sees the club’s traditional Blaugrana colours spread across tracksuits, training tops, jackets shorts tees, hats… you know the drill by now. Ah, but did we mention that the bucket hats are reversible? Yeah, got your attention now, haven't we. A highlight of the collection (aside from the reversible bucket hats, of course) is the club’s new prematch shirt, which presents a block graphic execution in the club’s colours. Not quite up there with the balls-out flair of the new Club America prematch shirt, granted, but still a strong look and a confident alternative to the home shirt.

fcb 1-min.jpg
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