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adidas Launch Mexico 2021 Home Shirt

Putting paid to tradition, adidas launch the Mexico 2021 home shirt, which abandons what you might normally expect from a normal Mexico home shirt in favour of a radical new design.

You’d be forgiven for thinking initially that this was the new Mexico away or even third shirt. After all there’s not a hint of what would normally be considered as the traditional Mexican colours of green, white or red. But who exactly said that a nation had to stick to that as the guide for all home shirts? Taking a radical departure from the norm then, adidas have unveiled the Mexico 2021 home shirt.

mexico 4-min.jpg
mexico 7-min.jpg

The design for the new Mexico home shirt is bound to cause some controversy. Sure there will be shouts about the lack of identity for the nation, but this is a design that’s grabbing attention, much as the last home shirt did back in 2019. That too was a black design, so is it that the Mexicans are reinventing their own on-pitch identity? After all, if you want a touch of tradition, you still get that from the current away shirt. The most important question though is are the Mexicans themselves happy with it? Or is most of the grumbling coming from the rest of the world, where we all expect them to wear green?

Anyway, here adidas stick with the black base that came before, but they introduce a radical new pink grecas pattern graphic across the front and on the sleeves. Love it or hate it, this is Mexico’s new look, deal with it.

mexico 2-min.jpg
mexico 3-min.jpg

Pick up the Mexico 2021 home shirt at from 30 March.

Daniel Jones

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