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DC United Unveil 2021 adidas Secondary Jersey

Ready for kick off, DC United have unveiled their new adidas secondary shirt for the 2021 MLS season. Known as the ‘Marble Jersey’, it features a design that is representative of the iconic national monuments found in Washington, D.C.

The capital city gets its style on today, as DC United unveil their new secondary shirt for the 2021 season. It features a sublimated marble effect graphic that forms the basis of the whole design and the story behind it. The nation’s capital is renowned globally for its iconic white marbled monuments found in its truest form on the National Mall. The marble used to build the monuments, which stand tall over the city, symbolise the strength and stability of the rock and the people.

The jersey also features a Red, White, and Blue colour scheme, which is used to pay tribute to the national significance of Washington, D.C., an embodiment of the American people. Following a year defined by hardship, the importance of staying United is even more important and DC United represent the city and the American people symbolically through their colours each time they step onto the field.

As a sign off, the Marble Jersey features a new and updated “Unite the District” shirt tag. The phrase has become a focal point for the club as the Black-and-Red continue to use soccer as a method to bring people together.

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The DC United 2021 Secondary Jersey is available at

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