Counting down with a kick off looming, D.C. United are the latest team from the MLS to release their "secondary kit" for the 2017 season. Going more out there than most with the design too, it's a head turner that'll get 'em talking.

Most definitely going the distance in delivering a kit with multiple unique features, it was unveiled at the club's annual season ticket member event in Washington, D.C. A chance for players and fans to embrace one another before the season kicks off, it's the first update for the club's secondary kit since 2015. Somewhat of a rarity in a game where kits are concerned, this brings D.C. into the flow of a regular set of home and away shirts for the season.

The question is more about where to start when giving this kit the once over. Visually, the front of the shirt is what grabs the eyes as a set of symmetrical shapes take on eagle wing inspired silhouettes and soar from the middle to the top. A gradient of colour too, these put this shirt in its own category of design. Truly bespoke.

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Meanwhile, other points of interest are the the jock tag that has been fashioned in the style of an authentic Washington, D.C., license plate. The iconic blue type coupled with the red D.C. flag in the centre is instantly recognizable to any resident of the District. Along the bottom of the plate from right to left is the signature phrase, "Taxation Without Representation," another embodiment of the people living in the nation's capital for decades. Sealing the deal is the embroidery. Across the neckline and the cuffs, are the words "District of Columbia" and "D.C. United" respectively.

Some say less is more though others bring all the bells and whistles. Both have their place and this one will personify a moment in time. A collectors item for the future? It could be the return of the glorious retro shirt across a contemporary pitch, perhaps?