Crossing the boundaries between the virtual world and reality, AS Roma have paired up with Brain Dead to create the Giallorossi’s limited edition 4th kit, which has been added to the PES2021 as part of the latest Data Pack 3.0 but that is also now available for purchase in physical form.

Roma currently find themselves in the last year of partnership with Nike, after the pair agreed to terminate the existing deal early. While it means that we won’t be getting any more of the absolute fire that has come to be expected from the partnership, it does mean that there is the possibility for some exciting times to come for the Italian side, and that potential is hinted at with this latest collaboration with Brain Dead – a world-renowned creative collective of artists based in Los Angeles.

The design of Roma fourth kits combines the iconic Giallorossi colours with the unique artistic vision of the Brain Dead brand, and it was originally released as a digital version, added to eFootball PES 2021 as part of the latest Data Pack 3.0 update. But the kit was very well received and now it is set to drop in physical form.

The collection consists of a limited edition long sleeve jersey and shorts, where the AS Roma iconic colours are interpreted with a Brain Dead touch and perspective, with the brand’s recurring statement “Stamp out reality” (“Sradicare la realtà”). With the purpose of creating a long lasting project with Roma,  Brain Dead started designing the collection with the Capitoline Wolf symbol as its crest. That was then placed on a canvas created from patterns with the “colours of the city – yellow and red – beloved by people of the old districts and the city suburbs” at its centre.

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bd 4-min.jpg

The Roma x Brain Dead 4th shirt is available to purchase at