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adidas & Roma Present The Club's 23/24 Away Shirt

Roma and adidas really does appear to be a match made in heaven, doesn’t it? Don’t agree? Well just feast your eyes on the new away shirt for 23/24, and then possibly reconsider…

Adidas and Roma got their latest period together underway in the strongest fashion with the release of the club’s new home shirt for 23/24 back at the beginning of the month, and now they solidify the pure potential of the partnership with a sublime away shirt, which is inspired by the monuments and travertine marble motifs that characterise the Eternal City. Clean doesn’t even cut it.

Arriving in a colour that’s inspired by marble, capturing the Capitoline spirit, the shirt features a sublimated graphic throughout. This pattern reflects some of the main elements of Roman architecture through Corinthian stylistic features and mosaics characterised by decorative acanthus leaves and stylised floral motifs. Echoing the glorious Giallorossi past, the design bears the ASR monogram in the centre, a clear reference to the club’s historical tradition. Carbon grey branding on the shoulders and right side of the chest combine with a trim down the sides and round the hem, bordering what is pretty darn close to being a work of art.

roma 7-min.jpg
roma 5-min.jpg
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Pick up the Roma 23/24 away shirt at

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