Featuring a classic club look, PUMA launch the Newcastle 20/21 home shirt, with a safe design that adopts thinner stripes than previous seasons.

Keeping things fairly routine, PUMA have launched the new Newcastle home shirt for the 20/21 season, and while it’s unlikely to cause much offence, it equally doesn’t do much to get excited about either in all honesty. The biggest change from last year comes in the switch to thinner stripes, while the central arrangement for the club crest and branding have also been abandoned in favour of a more traditional setup, with the former taking position above the heart on the left of the chest.

newcastle 2-min.jpg

The stripes are continued on the rear of the shirt and… that’s basically your lot. What you see is what you get. Sponsor logo still ruins it, but hey-ho. The shirt is set to debut in when Newcastle United host Premier League champions Liverpool in the final match of the current 2019/20 campaign. 

Newcastle United forward Allan Saint-Maximin said: "As the supporters will know, me and my kids enjoyed wearing last season's kit a lot but the new shirt looks great and I am looking forward to wearing it for the very first time on Sunday. I hope supporters will enjoy it too and we can be together again in black and white soon."

newcastle 3-min.jpg
newcastle 4-min.jpg
newcastle 5-min.jpg

Pick up the Newcastle 20/21 home shirt at prodirectsoccer.com from Sunday 26 July.