Prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store, adidas launch the ‘READY’ performance collection – its most advanced system of performance apparel yet that’s responsive to heat, wind, rain and cold, and the campaign has been headed up by David Beckham.

Dave Beckham has been a busy boy of late, what with his Inter Miami team finally making their MLS debut. But somewhere in amongst all the demands on his time that that entailed, he’s found a few minutes to jump on board with long-term sponsors adidas to promote ‘READY’, the Three Stripes’ latest all-weather performance clothing collection that uses responsive fabrics and intuitive design to help athletes perform, whatever the weather.

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READY apparel uses a smart layering system that allows athletes to build modular sports outfits that address seasonal needs, selecting different pieces that can be worn together without bulking at the seams and which allow for maximum movement, comfort and ventilation. Created for both elite and everyday athletes, the technology has been divided to combat four major climate conditions: heat, cold, wind and rain. The HEAT.RDY technology is set to be put through the ultimate test when it’s worn by athletes in the upcoming Olympics – whenever they end up being – featuring in the national kits for Team Great Britain, Team Germany, Team Ethiopia and Team Hungary as well as on the field of play for adidas athletes and sponsored teams around the world. Just, y’know, when sport happens again…

Beckham is joined by Jazmin Sawyers, Noah Lyles, Caroline Dubois and Miho Nonaka, with each creator having shared personal stories of how they prepare both physically and mentally for their game. The collection is presented in varying shades of blue for this initial drop.

Weather has become a major external factor affecting performance, so we set out to create a system that combats external elements so athletes can train without distractions,” said Josefine Aberg, VP of design at adidas. “The collection is inspired by the discipline of a military wardrobe, but with a 2020 feel — functional yet stylish pieces that can be layered to protect you all year round.

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The first drop of the HEAT.RDY collection are available at now, with COLD.RDY, WIND.RDY, and RAIN.RDY pieces to launch in Autumn/Winter 2020.