Ready for the challenges of not only a new year, but of a new decade, Nike have launched the next generation of VaporKnit, and it features a data-driven design that fuses mesh in high-heat zones for lightweight breathability, precise sweat-wicking, and ultimate comfort.

Time and technology advance hand in hand when it comes to performance, and brands are always looking to develop the next innovation that will give athletes the edge over their competitors. And as we head into 2020, Nike launch the next generation of VaporKnit, which has been designed to keep wearers as comfortable as possible, with high-stretch, anti-cling material.


Along with the Anti-Cling technology, which effectively does exactly what it says on the tin, preventing sweat soaked clothes from sticking to the skin, NextGen VaporKnit also boasts a cooler feel, achieved through the data-driven placement of breathable mesh in key zones for active moisture wicking. And that’s not all. Designed using 4D imaging, the stretchy fabric has been specifically engineered for a body in rapid motion. No strolling to the shops in this then; nope, you have to run.

Barcelona have been the first team to be supplied with the NextGen VaporKnit kit, with a full collection including Strike Drill Top and Strike Pants, although all Nike teams will undoubtedly be provided with their own training collections over the coming weeks.


The marquee piece to feature the NextGen VaporKnit tech is currently the latest Strike Drill Top, although you can be sure that it will be rolled out on all of Nike’s premium-grade apparel in the near future. On top of that next-gen tech the Strike Drill Top also features a speed stripe that compresses around the arms for an ideal fit. It combines nicely with the Invisible Thumb Loops to keep the top streamlined while running, adding another level to the comfort element.


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