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Barcelona Unveil Special 19/20 Fourth Shirt

Not content with the standard three-shirt wardrobe, Barcelona have unveiled a special edition fourth kit for the 19/20 season, which features the colours of the Catalan flag, the Senyera, in honour of the club’s roots and history.

Despite being one of the most widely-supported teams in world football, FC Barcelona are quick to show that they have not lost their sense of Catalan identity, culture and values, with the new fourth shirt honouring that principle by using the Catalan flag as the central influence on its design. The shirt lands alongside the tagline Ho portem dins ("It’s deep within us"), which was chosen to evoke the essence of Barça and one of the factors involved in being "More than a Club", namely being proud to belong to Barcelona and Catalonia.

The release of a fourth kit is something of a marker for the club, as it’s the first time that they have ever had four strips in the same season, and just like the 19/20 home shirt, this fourth version will also be available in both men’s, with the Rakuten sponsor on the front, and women’s, with the Stanley sponsor in place. 

The shirt is set to be brought out for big occasions, including Barca’s trip to the Santiago Bernabeu to face their best mates, Real Madrid. Dress to impress and all that.

The four red stripes on the new shirt represent a famous Catalonian image from Guifré el Pilós, considered the founder of Catalonia, after he dragged his four fingers – bloody after a battle – across his golden shield. This image in turn inspired the Catalan flag. Although an alternative take raised its head following last season's Champions League semi final...

barca 2-min.jpg

The Barcelona Fourth Shirt will be available from 13 November, at first only at the Barça Stores at the Camp Nou, and then a week later, 20 November, from all of the other usual places.

Daniel Jones

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