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Nike Launch Special Edition Pumas 'Día de Muertos' Jersey

Dropping just in time for the Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations in Mexico, Nike have released a special edition jersey for top flight side Pumas UNAM.

Scrap Halloween, the Mexicans have no time for knocking on doors in hope of a bag of Haribo and your unwanted Snickers and Bounty celebrations. Nah, they do things big time down there. The whole country will be out in force to celebrate the Día de Muertos – aka the day of the dead, which ironically is celebrated over three days of street festivals and parades from October 31 to November 2.


For this special edition kit, released as part of the celebrations, Nike have adopted the bold Puma head logo that appears on the home kit, only they’ve shifted its positioning, allowing for crossbones to be added underneath to highlight the Día de Muertos connection. The base colour of the jersey is virtually the same as this season’s away kit and the look of the jersey as a whole is reminiscent of the 16/17 home kit, only without the tribal print background.


Interestingly, the bones being placed beneath the Puma head has been done before, appearing on the logo for the team’s bar, named “La Rebel”. Fans have been quick to point this out, but whether it’s been done on purpose or not is unclear. Either way, this is yet another example of the freedom of design that is apparent in soccer jerseys in the Americas, and it remains something that is looked upon with envious eyes from European shores.


The Nike Pumas 'Día de Muertos' Jersey is available from October 30 on

Daniel Jones

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