Sevilla kick off their new partnership with Nike by launching all three of their 2018/19 shirts in one triple assault drop. Switching from New Balance to the Swoosh, the Andalusians aren't messing around for the campaign. They're ready.

No teasing, no drip feeding the releases. Just boom, all three at once. Sevilla don't have time for all that, they've got more important stuff to be cracking on with. Plus all three shirts are the same, bar a quick colour change. White, red, black. Pick one and move on.

“This season is our first working with Sevilla FC so we opted to go as classic as we could. We are delighted to have begun this partnership with a kit which stays so close to their heritage,” says the Nike Football Apparel Senior Design Director. Don't try to sugarcoat it chaps, you had other stuff to do. Still, individually they are quite smart.


Sevilla 2018/19 Home Shirt


Sevilla 2018/19 Away Shirt


Sevilla 2018/19 Third Shirt

Now you know.